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Earn Miles with every trip. @lantis and Direct Mode: Enter the card number in the Individual Passengers tab behind Thalys before saving your booking. For TheCard Silver Members: 1 Euro spent = 1 Mile earned. For every euro you spend, you save member points, which determine your status, and you also save Miles, which you can exchange for various products and services from Thalys and its partners. My Thalys World Club. THALYS THE CARD Thalys TheCard offers a set of benefits for their costumers such as free tickets from miles, exclusive or tailored services. My Thalys World Club+; 0 et 599 points membres: 600 et 4 999 points membres: 5 000 points membres: 1 € = 1 Mile 1 € = 2 Miles 1 € = 3 Miles - Utilisation des Miles pour des réductions sur les billets, boissons dans le Welcome Bar, une entrée aux Lounges Thalys à Bruxelles-Midi ou Paris-Nord et des entrées de musées Al na je eerste reis met Thalys krijg je het Silver level, waarmee je toegang krijgt in de Thalys lounges in Brussel en Parijs (met een thalys ticket 2e klasse). After the fact, I made a loyalty acct for Thalys TheCard. For every journey made with Thalys, members of the My Thalys World scheme collect Miles, which means they will enjoy a range of benefits: free tickets, gifts, exclusive offers, tailor-made services, etc. The higher tiers earn miles at the rate of 2 per Euro spent. Members earn miles by buying Thalys tickets and spending money with Thalys partners. - Just made reservation for 2, AMS to Nord Paris via Thalys. Your Thalys The Card … Dit programma is niet echt zeer nuttig voor de miles (tenzij je zeer veel met Thalys reist), maar wel voor de status. Not only is Thalys' service all-encompassing and speedy, passengers can also earn miles with every trip if they hold a Thalys TheCard. Any idea how to add my reservation to TheCard website? The My Thalys World scheme has 3 levels (Explorer, Club and Club+), depending on the number of Miles … For TheCard Gold, Platinium and Platinium+ Members: 1 Euro spent = 2 Miles earned. Le nouveau programme de fidélité Thalys, comprend 3 status : Explorer, Club et Club+. Want to accrue miles. 2. Thanks! My Thalys World is a loyalty program for frequent travelers, with which you can save points by traveling. 3. As most travellers are still fairly unaware of it, we thought writing a small blog post about TheCard might be fairly useful. Miles can be exchanged for free tickets to all Thalys destinations and certain Eurostar and TGV destinations. The new Thalys loyalty program includes 3 statuses: Explorer, Club and Club +. Delivery method Mobile Ticket or Homeprint ticket. Adding pre made reservation to TheCard Thalys? Thalys TheCard has three tier levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. ... Gratuite, elle donne accès à l'acquisition de miles, échangeables contre des billets de train. As long as you add a Thalys TheCard membership number, the Miles are added to the account, irrespective of the delivery mode. My Thalys World rewards the value of your transactions: for each euro spent, you accumulate Member Points, which will define your status, and Miles. European Rail Travel - Stuck. La carte The Card de Thalys Les cartes de fidélité pour les pros. My Thalys World Explorer. Thalys TheCard's website is originally separated from the Thalys website but are merged in this proposal. It offers many benefits for the occasional or frequent user of Thalys trains. Silver members earn miles at the rate of 1 per Euro spent. Created in 2009, Thalys TheCard is a free loyalty card which allows you to accumulate Miles. Miles are not earned by distance, rather they are earned by money spent. With more miles come more privileges: silver tier members are free to board any subsequent train if they've missed theirs, while gold tier members earn double the miles, which can be exchanged for tickets or gifts.

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