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by David Smith. Review: Bach – Goldberg Variations – Lang Lang, Piano. Comme tout ce qu’il touche, Lang Lang en fait souvent trop (c’est en fait deux enregistrements qu’il édite), relayé par une machine médiatique qui exige toujours plus d'esbrouffes, de déclarations tonitruante, alors même que pour aborder son premier enregistrement dédié à Bach la superstar chinoise assumait un véritable parcours initiatique pour … Interview, Lang Lang on Bach's Goldberg Variations by David Smith Chinese pianist Lang Lang is a household name in a way that few classical musicians ever truly achieve; even before his performance at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing brought his musicianship to four billion screens worldwide, he had amassed an impressive discography of recitals and concertos, and has continued to … Siciliano / Lang Lang, BACH Italian Concerto in F Major: II. Glenn Gould die Variationen immer so "runtergehämmert" hat? The live version certainly worths the price of admission (around 25% more, in my calculation) – there is additional freedom, almost recklessness, in this alternative live performance, sometimes at the expense of accuracy, and Lang’s showmanship, at times, gets the better of him. In fact, the first 10 variations are delivered with high spirit and are the more successful succession of this performance. Mehr als 20 Jahre lang beschäftigte er sich mit dem Werk, bevor er sich zur Aufnahme entschied. He enters the fray with versions that aren't just virtuosic, thorough, or colorful, but profoundly moving as well. CD-Kritik: Lang Lang spielt Bachs Goldbergvariationen. In March 2020, Lang Lang gave only his second ever live performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations at Leipzig’s historic St Thomas Church. By. Glenn Gould’s score for JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations. This item: Bach: Goldberg Variations by Lang Lang Audio CD £20.27. Bach's monumental 'Goldberg Variations' stand alone in the piano literature as a work of unique artistry and brilliance. This continuous perception makes for some unique tempo choices, as in the variations 13 and 25 (“Black Pearl”), which are slower than most, or variation 19, which is given a jumpy character. Habe nie verstanden warum z.B. Douglas McLennan - October 1, 2020. Maybe he did too. Die Goldberg-Variationen aufzunehmen war für Lang Lang ein Lebenstraum: Nun präsentiert der Star-Pianist sein erstes Barock Album. Datum: 12.09.2020 From the opening phrase of the Aria, which is so simple yet full of emotion, and throughout the journey of the variations, Lang Lang demonstrates his soft and tender side as well as his amazing … Mehr als 20 Jahre beschäftigte er sich mit dem Werk von Bach, das als eine der größten Herausforderungen für Pianisten gilt. Read our Best Of guides for classical music. Although generally associated with large virtuoso repertoire, Lang Lang does perform and record classical repertoire such as Mozart and Beethoven, where more modest qualities of his playing come to light. Im really looking forward to it! That’s not to say Lang’s performance is overly calculated. Lang Lang, pianiste hors normes. After all, the flamboyant Chinese pianist has been an easy target for attacks on his grandstanding manner in the Romantic piano repertory; his unabashed … So kommen bei den "Goldberg Variationen" Pianisten oft an ihre Grenzen. Er hat sich Zeit genommen! No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means. He always ads interesting ornaments and variants in dynamics to the second repeat of each variation, and there is a constant bit to the complete cycle, making it feel like a whole even on the slow variations. Customer reviews. Die Dokumentation "Lang Langs Goldberg-Variationen" von Andreas Morell, die 3sat am Samstag, 12. It covers new album reviews by knowledgeable and independent writers, as well as in-depth guides and news. Lang Lang performs Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’ at St Thomas Church, Leipzig – watch full concert via DG Stage. Auf Lang Langs sehr persönlicher Reise zu »seinen« Goldberg-Variationen hat der Musiker wichtige Begleiter: Das ist zunächst seine mütterliche Freundin und Ratgeberin Prof. Zhu Ya Fen, die er in Shenzhen trifft. Lang Lang said that studying Bach’s “Goldberg” Variations “takes you to another level of thinking.” Credit... Gus Powell for The New York Times Berlin - Für Pianisten gelten Bachs «Goldberg Variationen» als Meister- und Reifeprüfung. 02.09.2020 - Von dpa, Esteban Engel, KIZ . Lang Lang’s performance of Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’ from Leipzig’s historic St Thomas Church will be streamed on 19 November 2020. Bach – Goldberg Variations, BWV 988Lang Lang – PianoDeutsche Grammophon, “Deluxe Edition” (4 CDs) 4819701, Read more classical music reviews or visit The Classic Review Amazon store. Sensitive listeners may also notice a slight change in tuning and voicing of Lang’s instrument in the second half of the cycle. Lang Lang playing the Goldberg Variations at the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. 1, in a performance that … 2. Sent from and sold by Amazon. Obviously, everyone wants to record Goldberg Variations, but not many have shown as much sharp and observant insight as Lang Lang. The “deluxe edition” includes another live performance of the variations, made shortly before the studio recording at Bach’s own church, the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. Studio + Live) von Lang Lang bei Amazon Music. Over time, he looked for the advice of Bach experts like harpsichordist and early keyboard specialist Andreas Staier to help develop his relationship with the monumental work. Although generally associated with large virtuoso repertoire, Lang Lang does perform and record classical repertoire such as Mozart and Beethoven, where more modest … Mehr als 20 Jahre beschäftigte er sich mit dem Werk von Bach. The edition includes one performance in the studio and one performed and recorded live to a receptive audience in Leipzig's Thomaskirche, where Bach served as kapellmeister and where the … Im März, kurz bevor die Corona-Pandemie alles lahm legte, hat Lang Lang d a s Meisterwerk des Barock eingespielt: Bachs Goldberg-Variationen. La sortie de son interprétation des Variations Goldberg est l'évènement pianistique de la rentrée, mais suscite aussi quelques réserves des puristes. Sein Album "Bach: Goldberg Variations" ist ein Meisterwerk. Entdecken Sie Bach: Goldberg Variations (Deluxe Edt. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . The theme hangs in the air as if it’s uncertain when and where it wants to come down. The live recording is a bit different from the studio recording, with Lang Lang taking some variations a lot faster in front of the audience (showmanship again?). Heres a taste: The studio recording is better quality, of course, but the live recording is good. Mit 17 Jahren spielte er in einem leeren Konzertsaal - "auswendig, perfekt studiert, mit enormem Stilvermögen", wie sich der Pianist und Dirigent Christoph Eschenbach erinnert. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei Mehr als 20 Jahre beschäftigte er sich mit dem Werk von Bach, das als eine der größten Herausforderungen für Pianisten gilt. Bach: Goldberg Variations by Lang Lang album art work. Get our periodic classical music newsletter with our recent reviews, news and beginners guides. It covers classical music reviews, as well as in-depth guides and classical music news. »Das Stück lässt uns alles aus uns herausholen, was wir haben, aber auch alles, was wir nicht haben und noch lernen müssen.« Keine Frage, dass der Starpianist LANG LANG diese Aufgabe virtuos gemeistert hat. Andante / Lang Lang, BACH Goldberg Variations / Lang Lang (Deluxe), BACH Goldberg Variations: Aria / Lang Lang. Lang’s bass line is stronger and he sometimes emphasizes the bar lines, a bit too much in the declaratory variations as No. This is the first time start pianist Lang Lang records a big Bach piece, having recorded only short samples for few collections. Nun liegen Lang Langs Goldberg-Variationen in zwei unterschiedlichen Fassungen vor: als Konzertmitschnitt, der Anfang März 2020 in einem einzigen Take in der Leipziger Thomaskirche aufgenommen wurde, und als Studioeinspielung, die zwei Wochen später in Berlin entstand. Die Deluxe Edition stellt dieser wegweisenden Aufnahme einen nicht weniger essenziellen Live-Mitschnitt zur Seite. Lang Lang performs J.S. 9). Lang Lang: A Goldberg Variations For Our Time. Sent from and sold by Amazon. Lang Lang has realised a lifelong dream by recording Johann Sebastian Bach’s monumental keyboard work, the Goldberg Variations, often described as “a musical Everest”.It will be released in two complementary performances given by the pianist: the first was recorded in a single take in concert at the Thomaskirche in Leipzig, Bach’s workplace for almost 30 years and site of his grave; the second was … Another performance which resembles Lang’s in some aspects is Beatrice Rana’s impressive version (Warner Classics), both taking the opening Aria slowly and maintain a continuity of rhythm (Rana is less creative with repeats). He's studied the work along the way and points unexpectedly to Nikolaus Harnoncourt and fortepianist Andreas Staier as figures who shaped his conception of the music, but he waited until age 38 to record the work, in 2020. Tal Agam - September 4, 2020 November 4, 2020. J’ai essayé d’apprendre l’interprétation de Bach telle qu’elle était jouée sur un orgue baroque. Mehr als 20 Jahre beschäftigte er sich mit dem Werk von Bach, das als eine der größten Herausforderungen für Pianisten gilt. Lang Lang's new album to feature two different versions of Bach's Goldberg Variations Friday, July 10, 2020 The pianist's new DG release, which he describes as a lifelong dream, will include two performances: a live concert and studio recording of the Goldberg Variations But it’s interesting to observe how the pianist adapts the narrative to new acoustics and added audience. This new Goldberg Variations release finds him bridging musical objectivity and strong personality. a 1 Clav.03:10 5Johann Sebastian Bach: … In the (many) promotional materials for this album, the pianist said he plays and studies the Goldberg Variations for 20 years, and his performance is clearly considered. ), BACH Goldberg Variations – Selections / Lang Lang (Live from Beijing / Visual Album), BACH Christmas Oratorio: X. Sinfonia / Lang Lang, BACH Flute Sonata in E Flat Major: II. Lang Lang says that he has been playing Bach's Goldberg Variations, BWV 988, from memory since he was a teenager. Lang Lang: Bach - Goldberg Variations (2020) 1Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Aria05:20 2Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Variatio 1 a 1 Clav.02:07 3Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Variatio 2 a 1 Clav.01:37 4Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Variatio 3 Canone all'Unisono. Star-Pianist Lang Lang hat sich dafür Zeit gelassen - und bringt das Werk mit 38 Jahren gleich zweimal auf CD heraus. For one thing, they lack an iconic tune to take home in your gift bag. 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Mit Mitte 30 kommt Lang Lang aus einer kreativen Pause zurück in die mediale Öffentlichkeit – und widmet sich diesem Barockstück mit ganz eigener Klangsprache. Die Goldberg-Variationen aufzunehmen war für Lang Lang ein Lebenstraum und nun präsentiert der Star-Pianist sein erstes Barock Album. Lang Lang, a certified classical music "superstar" much loved by audiences for his performances of the romantic repertoire and detested by the cognoscenti and critics for being overly dramatic and self-indulgent, waited until age 38 to release a fully realized recording of Bach's mathematically certified "Goldberg Variations"—a piece definitely at odds with his romantic "sweet … Der Weltstar unter den Tastenfegern legt die Barock-Variationen verblüffend differenziert an. Die Goldberg Variationen sind eine meiner Lieblingsstücke in der Musik! Er muss es wissen, trug er den kompletten Zyklus doch schon mit 17 Jahren – in einem ähnlichen Alter wie damals Johann Gottlieb Goldberg – dem Dirigenten Christoph Eschenbach vor, in einer Nachtsitzung, auswendig und spontan. When I started playing the ‘Aria’, … The results are entirely original, and yet somehow along the lines of … Bereits als 17-Jähriger spielte er es auf eine Art und Weise, die den Pianisten und Dirigenten Christoph Eschenbach damals – nachts, in einem leeren Theater – staunend zurückließ: »Auswendig, perfekt studiert, mit enormem Stilvermögen – welches Erlebnis!«, … 1 and 10. Above all, there is a singing quality and a lovely tone. Auszüge aus Lang Langs Goldberg-Variationen. 215 global ratings. The booklet the CDs are in contains notes and lots of pictures of … Previous page. 07.09.2020. Les Variations Goldberg : Bach - Lang Lang C'était un moment tout à fait exceptionnel et particulier d’interpréter la musique de Bach non loin de sa tombe. Die Goldberg-Variationen aufzunehmen war für Lang Lang ein Lebenstraum: Nun präsentiert der Star-Pianist sein erstes Barock Album. In stock. Live-Einspielung und Studioaufnahme: das neue Album von Lang Lang. 4.8 out of 5 stars. Does Lang Lang join this select group? Lang Lang's Goldberg Variations recording is released in a deluxe edition that collects two performances spread with profligate zeal across four discs in a handsomely appointed cardboard bookcase. Although he was very aware of the composer’s long association with the church, the emotional impact of playing this monumental work just metres from Bach’s grave still took him by surprise. Lang Lang au risque des Variations Golberg de JS.

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